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Add Juniper mibs to Redhat

Took me a bit of fiddling around to get this working as I didn’t want to change the system-wide snmp.conf

If net-snmp-config is not installed on your RHEL server. install the package net-snmp-devel

yum install net-snmp-devel

net-snmp-config will show you where your net-snmp package is configured to look for various files files

net-snmp-config --snmpconfpath

net-snmp-config --default-mibdirs

mkdir -p ~/.snmp/mibs

Download the Juniper mibs

cd ~/.snmp/mibs
tar xvf juniper-mibs-10.0.R4.7.tgz
mv ./JuniperMibs/* .
mv ./StandardMibs/* .

Configure SNMP to now look in your local mibs directory for new mibs

vi ~/.snmp/snmp.conf
mibs +ALL
mibdirs +/home/USERNAME/.snmp/mibs

Confirm that SNMP is now also looking in your home directory for mibs

net-snmp-config --default-mibdirs

Perform a walk of your device to confirm OIDs are now being resolved using your new mibs:

snmpwalk -v 3 -u zenoss -l authPriv -a SHA -A XXXX -x AES -X XXXX
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.167 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.169 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.171 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.172 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.173 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.174 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.175 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.176 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2ChanErrors.177 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.3 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.4 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.6 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.7 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.8 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.9 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.10 = Counter64: 0
JUNIPER-IF-MIB::ifJnxInL2MismatchTimeouts.11 = Counter64: 0


Using An OpenFlow Switch As A Programmable Patch Panel | Virtual Now – Dan Hersey’s Blog

Very cool, a great way of automating out lab at work. I feel a project coming on!

Subversion “SSL handshake failed: SSL error: Key usage violation in certificate has been detected.”

On Ubuntu 11.10 when using subversion I have been getting the following error: SSL handshake failed: SSL error: Key usage violation in certificate has been detected.
Sounds like it is due to the version of subversion being compiled against a different ssl library which is more strict in its key usage.

The following is a temporary fix until i upgrade my version of subversion:

sudo su -
mv /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/